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Burnt to Ashes

Burnt to Ashes

By na-nu-ja | 2021-07-15

Kwangjeon finally made his way to na-nu-ja and Fotomax’s shop this morning, to assess the extent of the damage caused by looters and vandalists. It was absolutely heartbreaking. The only item to remain ironically was the padlock to our front door, which welcomed so many loyal clients since we moved here in 2012. KJ took…

nanuja burnt down

A plea to help save na-nu-ja

By na-nu-ja | 2021-07-14

Kwangjeon and I arrived from Korea in 2005, with specialised equipment and a dream to help people “share memories” by opening na-nu-ja a photobook company in Durban, my hometown. Yesterday our business was burnt to the ground by looters and vandals, taking with it employment of 5 people, customised machinery and half of our livelihood.…

2016 Mtentu ride

2016 Mtentu Cycle

By na-nu-ja | 2021-07-08

2014 Mkhabathi

By na-nu-ja | 2021-07-07
Illustrated Children's Storybook

Lola’s illustrated storybook

By na-nu-ja | 2021-07-05

Debbie was so impressed with her little niece’s beautiful drawings – together with her Mom, they told the most delightful story. What an awesome birthday gift – we scanned the stunning pages, typed out the story text, and professionally laid out the book. Can you imagine her surprise when she actually realised that she was…

old tatty album

Re-doing old tatty albums

By na-nu-ja | 2021-07-05

I was so excited when Debbie approached me to re-do her daughter’s tatty old wedding album, as a gift. It is so common for old albums to start disintegrating after a number of years. Fortunately, Debbie did not want to keep the old album, so we were able to cut the pages up and use…

2010 World Cup

2010 FIFA World Cup Photobook

By na-nu-ja | 2021-03-03

Vuvuzelas, Fans, Stadiums, Energy, eShibobo, Jabulani, Zakumi, Laduuuuuuma!!! Can you believe that it took me over 10 years before I finally got to designing this photobook? Our family are avid soccer fans and the World cup coming to South Africa was a really BIG DEAL. Choosing images This was the most difficult part of this…

2003 Korean pre-wedding photoshoot

By na-nu-ja | 2021-02-25

1995 (덕수궁) deoksugang palace Things are certainly done differently in South Korea! I first encountered Korean pre-wedding photoshoots literally during my first week in Seoul, way back in 1995. My best friend Yvonne and I decided to visit Deoksugung Palace (덕수궁) just opposite the City Hall midweek. We were so surprised to see at least…


1997 China and Hong Kong

By na-nu-ja | 2021-02-25
Bradley Muir Football Career

A celebration of a local Footballer’s SA Career…

By na-nu-ja | 2021-02-17

I was SUPER excited when I got a call from Zoe Muir, asking if I could help with a unique birthday gift, she wanted to give her husband. She described to me briefly on the phone, how her husband Bradley Muir’s mother had lovingly collected newspaper clippings of her son’s Football Career. She wanted to…