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We securely organize and back up your photos, ensuring you'll never lose them and can easily create photobooks

photo organisation


photo mess


Feeling overwhelmed with all of your digital photos? Do you want an organized photo library, so you can utilise those amazing photos, instead of spending too much time searching? na-nu-ja can help! Using screen sharing software, I work on YOUR computer to organize your digital photos (anywhere in the world)! This service will definitely relieve your photo stress.

Lite: R6000
(one phone + computer)
Additional Sources: R1000 each



Your photos are supposed to be a source of JOY, not a source of STRESS! Take Miss Freddy's Backup Bootcamp online course to learn a SIMPLE method for organizing + backing up your photos yourself!

Backup Bootcamp™ will teach you how to make sense of your digital photo mess! Video tutorials for both Mac + PC walk through how to centralize your photos from multiple devices, automatically remove duplicates, sort into simple folders, and back it all up to the cloud.

scanning and video conversion


Albums to scan


Do you have loose photos, scrapbooks, school artwork, slides, negatives, fragile delicate albums where removing images is difficult? Camera scanning gives you high-resolution copies, so you can digitally preserve them and are easy to share.

Loose photos smaller than A5: R8.00 per photo
Slides/negatives: R8.00 per item
A4, 12x12: R10.00 per item

Oversize items: cost available on request

Removal from Albums - Getting work "Scan Ready" R450.00 per hour

Video Tapes


Get those memories out of storage and bring them back to life digitally so your family can enjoy them again! I can digitize prints, slides, negatives, scrapbook pages, and old video tapes of ANY format!

Pricing available on request





Would you like someone to do it all for you? Just choose your photos, sit back and relax and do what you do best, and I'll do the rest. Story Assistance service also available.

Design R10 per Image or body of text (excludes formatting)

Story Assistance available - Getting work "Design Ready" R450.00 per hour

nanuja photobook software


Log-in and create a user profile on na-nu-ja's easy-to-use "Click and drag" design software. You can design photobooks and albums in no time at all.

we are all so unique, what stories do you want to share?

Natasha Lee

I absolutely LOVE photographs! From as far back as I can remember, I loved to relive and share memories by looking at photographs. Whether it was my gran’s photos, my parent’s wedding pics, our family holidays, school, dance or my friend’s photos, it didn’t matter. When we were younger, after someone got their photos developed, it was such fun to go through them together, as they told stories of what happened in each one. Fortunately (or unfortunately) back then, people didn’t take the gazillion photos they now take using digital cameras, so the sheer volume was much less….


We now take more photos than ever, we enjoy some on social media, whatsap, on rotating electronic frames and if we are lucky, some get made into photobooks displayed for our friends to enjoy when they pop over. I often wonder why more people don’t design photobooks or have albums like we used to. When I ask people why they don’t get around to making sure their photos are not trapped in their phones, computers or tablets the answer is often… “our photos are all over the place, some in the cloud, on my husband or wife’s phones, or computers and I wouldn’t know where to start.”

My advice is always the same – you need to nominate one place to store your “Master Photo Collection”. That means you need to gather all the photos from everywhere, onto one computer, organise them into date order and get rid of duplicates. This is the system that has worked for me. I would love you to be able to do the same!

I would love to organise your photo collection for you, or teach you how to do it yourself if you'd prefer that.