Project Life® 2024 Yearbook with Canva | Week 7

Project Life® 2024 Yearbook with Canva | Week 7

Week 7 – golly gosh things have been tough in my part of the world! No electricity and water and all kinds of other challenges – apologies for the delay in posting this video and a few that will follow… This week included Valentine’s Day, birthday celebrations, markets, watching elite racehorses train, climbing walls, Crazy Korean meals, city exploration, piers, beaches and walks – we got to do this with my Korean nephew Taeho – it is extraordinary having him here from Seoul and we were also hosts to an international student Sung. Follow along if you want to see how super easy Canva makes weekly scrapbooking.


Take a look at me designing my pages using Canva…

WEEK 7 – PAGE 22

Project Life® 2024 Yearbook with Canva | Week 7 PAGE 22

I duplicated a 4×6″ and 2x3x4″ from an earlier page to keep Ali Edward’s week text the same size, and then I corrected the dates. Next, I duplicated both some 3×4″ and 4×6″ image blocks and repositioned them. I made sure that the Grid|Spacing was 10 in size (note to self before printing I need to check this on all the pages….)

Searching Elements|Graphics| Valentine’s Day I found a gorgeous clipart that I positioned on the photos of my husband, nephew and I celebrating at Waxy’s, a local Irish Pub in Westville – and good old Macdonalds.

I added a gorgeous orange background from Elements|Photos|Orange and then pasted my journalling from Apple Notes. I had to change the text size and use the handles to reposition the box. I love telling stories to the people who will flip through my photobooks in the years to come.


The photographs make this page! I used Elements|Grid 6 photos and added the photos in an impactful way. I enlarged and positioned the “Weekend Life” from Ali Edwards, in the centre and used Edit Photo|Shadows|Outline size 7 – and changed the default colour from grey to black.

WEEK 7 – PAGE 24

I usually count the number of photos I have and then look for a suitable Grid formation. In this case, I knew I wanted the left-hand side photo to go from top to bottom to give it a feel of being high! I nearly had a heart attack watching KwangJeon climb with no ropes… Then I used Elements|Grid 6 photos resized it on the right-hand side and dragged the photos into place. Then I added the title from a Text|Canva Design – I had to adjust the Size, Font of the Subtitle, Letter & Line Spacing. I also added Effects|Outline – which allowed the text to stand out on the page.

WEEK 7 – PAGE 25

Kept this page super simple with Elements|Grid 10 photos. I generally choose the best photos for the larger spaces – they might show location, be the clearest, have the most important people in, or have the most special memory. There are so many things that make a photo special hey?

Oh dear I have done 4 pages again, if I carry on like this I am going to need to print two photobooks for 2024! Good thing I own the best photobook company in the world! Take a look at our super simple free online design programme here.

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