Project Life® 2024 Photobook with Canva | Week 4

Project Life® 2024 Photobook with Canva | Week 4

Good golly I didn’t take any photos this week! This is NOT something I get to say often at all. I have been so focused on creating process videos, blog posts, newsletters, and running a na-nu-ja Facebook Win a Photobook Competition. So I decided that I would design pages with the work I have been creating. My “one little word” for 2024 is FOCUS and I finally feel like I am getting into it big time! I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the fruits of my labour.


Take a look at me designing my pages using Canva…

WEEK 4 – PAGE 12

I started by creating a 3 photo layout using Elements|Grid and resizing it to 4×6″. I copied Ali’s Week 3 text from page 8 so that the sizing remained consistent and updated it. Using Elements|Canva Background|Graphics – I added a Pro blue/purple background paper. I added my company na-nu-ja’s logo, a PNG file, resized and centered it below the date before repositioning it all slightly higher on the card.

Below that I added a graphic of my YouTube Channel (this was created using the Mockups function – not covered in this video) and found the iconic red logo in Elements|Graphics|YouTube. In the last spot, I added another graphic created using Mockups – a computer screen showing the Canva jingle I had created using Fiverr. I imported the Fiverr PNG saved from Google and positioned it at the top of the screen. I used the Edit Photo|BG Remover to knock out the white background. I searched Elements|Graphics|Music Notes – and changed the notes found from black to white, resized and duplicated them.

I added the same Pro blue/purple background paper to the right-hand side of the page and resized keeping the white spacing the same size throughout. I dragged the first YouTube thumbnail into position and duplicated it 3 times. I then dragged the additional elements into the correctly sized boxes. I am so happy with the look and feel of this series.

WEEK 4 – PAGE 13

Project Life® 2024 Photobook with Canva | Week 4

I copied the background paper from page 12 before adding a newsletter image and a weekly blog post announcement I used on Facebook. I made both images the same height. I was excited to bring in journalling from my one little word project – I added Ali’s 3×4″ card – I dragged in a definition I had saved from Google and resized it to lie on top of the card.

Next, I added a Elements|Shape|Rectangle and resized it to fill the gap before changing it to white. I added the “one little word” PNG before copying and pasting my journalling from Apple Notes. I resized the text, highlighted a few words changed the text to red for emphasis. I also quickly added the number of Subscribers and Views my first post received – and changed the font to CK Ali’s Hand – this will be great to look back on at the end of the year! Yip, then I called it a day.

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