Project Life® 2024 Photobook with Canva | Week 3

Project Life® 2024 | Week 3

Right, diving into Week 3 of Project Life® 2024 – this week was very exciting for me because my son arrived back in South Africa after 10 months in Europe, 8 months of which was on a super yacht. I can’t imagine not sleeping ashore for that long! You will see that I designed my weekly double-paged spread but, because I am aiming at just printing one yearbook, I decided to include a mini story of his European deckhand adventures too. One of my aims is to get as much of my life story told, in a fairly quick and simple way. Canva is an incredible tool and my YouTube process videos are one of the best ways for you to learn Canva and get inspired.


Take a look at me designing my pages using Canva…


To speed things up and keep a consistent “Weekly title card” I duplicated page 6 because I wanted to use 6 4×6″ photos. I added Ali’s week 3 element and corrected the dates. I chose to use a Montenegro Port photo because that is where my son Youngwoo left Europe from to return to South Africa via Nice, France (what a global traveller – a personal dream of mine for my children). I searched Elements|Graphics|Flight Path Heart and found a gorgeous clipart – I added and positioned it before making it 55% Transparent.

We fetched him from Ushaka Airport and the next day I was thrilled that he joined my #morningwalks group – the ladies loved hearing about his adventures. I added an Elements|graphid|hastag and the text was CK Ali’s hand font. He quickly fitted into our morning UCOOK routine and pretty soon we headed up the hill for a Crazy Korean meal. Boy were the staff ululating when he walked into the kitchen! I included an Ali Edward’s Brave Journal card copied the text from my Facebook post and added my journaling. I find copying and pasting these from Apple Notes the simplest way to add text.


This page is a super simple 6 photo Elements|Grids layout. I added an Elements|Photo|50th birthday – love the gold and black. I also added the logos of Mozambik(our nearest is Westwood Mall) and Glenwood Bakery – two of our favourite spots in Durban. When you Google, make sure to filter using Images – then select PNG files if possible. These are kind of clipart or graphics with transparent backgrounds – LOVE it!

WEEK 3 – PAGE 10 & 11

I decided that I wanted to include LOTS of Youngwoo’s photos here, so I needed to find a fun template that I could squeeze them all into. I searched Design|Photo Collage|Poloroid Collage – I chose two, but in the end narrowed it down to just one. I deleted the Live in the Moment title and had to duplicate the photo box to fill the gap. I added an Ali quote which I love “seek what sets your heart on fire” and then began adding photos. On the first page, I added working on the super yacht, and on the second exploring and having fun with mates in incredible scenic places. You will see I also added an Instagram post and Life360 App screen shot. I LOVE how this turned out.

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