Project Life® 2024 Photobook with Canva | Week 5

Project Life® 2024 Photobook with Canva | Week 5

Crafting, Fellow Deckhands, Markets, Airports, Whales, Walking… Yowzer what a week! Just when I thought I could stick to a double-page spread a week, this fantastic week came along….

I just know you are going to love the “Durban Whaling History Tour” page – I couldn’t resist including history taken from Facts About Durban and using CHAT GPT to summarize it into dated paragraphs. Then I used one of Canva’s infographic templates and added old sepia photos to make the story visual. When I look at this page I feel like I am back in that old Bluff cinema owned by Norwegian Durbanite David Neilson, who transported us back to a bygone era that is thankfully over – the area is now known as the “Bluff Whale Heritage Site” and celebrates the arrival of the humpback whales as they migrate along the east coast of South Africa.


Take a look at me designing my pages using Canva…

WEEK 5 – PAGE 14

I started by duplicating Page 5 (Project Life Design A) and removing the images. Next, I copied Ali Edward’s Week 2 text from page 6, so that the sizing remained consistent and updated it. I searched Elements|Photos for a watercolour whale illustration and adored the dreamy colours of the photo I found.

In the middle row – I love Ali’s “give thanks” card – I added a text box and pasted my journalling from Apple Notes. The font is Lato 8.5 in size. I added the iHeart Market logo to the photo of Kwangjeon and I – Edit Photo|BG Remover took away the pink and I resized it into the bottom right corner. It looks small in the design, but remember this is a 30x30cm photobook, so it will be big enough. I loved combining the Yem-B’s Craft Poster and my photo in the last space – this ensures that in the future I’ll remember what the event was about. Simple descriptions were added to two photos – a busy week.

WEEK 5 – PAGE 15

Project Life® 2024 Photobook with Canva | Week 5

I love this page! I started a new document searched Design|Whale Logo scrolled and found this gorgeous one. I edited the title and subtitle but kept all the colours the same. I adjusted the spacing between the lines as it felt a little cramped. Once complete, I Grouped the design and copied it to page 15.

I had found 17 old historic photos, so I knew that I needed a Grid with many photos. I resized a 6-image Grid duplicated it twice and repositioned it. You will see I had one portrait photo that I chose to put on top of the grid and resize, making sure the empty boxes below were covered.

As I mentioned above, I love to include information in my photobooks, so I googled “Durban Whaling History” – copied the text from Facts About Durban, and used CHAT GPT to “summarise and use dates to head paragraphs”. In Canva I searched Design|Infographics and modified the table so the information was presented in an easy-to-read manner. I faded the whale-illustrated background using Transparency and changed the font colour to match the customised logo I had created. I LOVE THIS!

WEEK 5 – PAGE 16

Project Life® 2024 Photobook with Canva | Week 5

This page was pretty quick and simple. I love full-page photos and chose this one because of the grogeous sea in the background and because it had the four of us in it. I love Ali Edward’s “Explore” PNG – I used Edit Image|Shadows|Outline to add a white stroke around the edge. I love the quote “blessed are the curious for they shall have adventure” – used CK Ali’s Hand font. The triangular flag used here and in the next page worked perfectly – I used colours from the Explore title. I added Elements|Graphics|Footprints and applied Transparency.

WEEK 5 – PAGE 17

I used an 8 photo GRID at the top of this page. After pulling in the awesome panoramic Whale photo with my Dad dwarfed at the bottom, I resized the grid to fit in the gap. After adding photos I popped in Ali Edward’s blue flag just to tie the design elements of the two pages together.

Lastly, I added my journalling from Apple Notes to Elements|Graphics|Travel Quote box I found. I then customised the colours Edit Image and changed font to white. Yeah, all done – awesome end to the weekend.

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