Natasha’s Project Life® 2024 Family Photobook with Canva – Intro Page

Project Life® 2024

Last week on social media I shared this….

Let me introduce you to three exciting “2024 #letssharememories projects” I will be doing, and I would like to invite you to join me. Let’s create something beautiful together and be accountability partners on this inspiring journey!

1. One Little Word® – In 2006 digital scrapbooker Ali Edwards began a tradition of choosing one word for herself each January – a word to focus on, to live with, to investigate, to write about, to craft with, and to reflect upon as I go about my daily life. I joined her in 2018, some of my past words were minimalism, simplify, adventure, grow, joy hope, and this year I’ve chosen “FOCUS”.

2. 2024 Family Yearbook – Design a double-page spread each week (8-10 photos) – 52 weeks known as Project Life®: This intentional approach thrives on capturing the beauty in everyday moments often overlooked, offering a manageable and consistent rhythm that transforms your family’s journey into a cherished storybook, filled with warmth and memories.

3. Holiday Photobook – Pick a holiday that you would love to relive and remember and get it done!

After sharing this announcement I was so excited to start documenting 2024!

This week I started, by designing my Intro Page and I am already so excited that I will be capturing both the big and small moments – and by doing it weekly I will keep up to date and have a photobook ready to print in December….


Take a look at my overview video:


I started by looking back on past Project Life® Albums that I did in 2018, 2019, and 2020 – using a combination of physical and digital elements. This year I will be designing the weekly pages with Canva – my absolute favourite design program and using digital products purchased from Ali Edwards (a talented digital scrapbooker and business owner) I plan to record a YOUTUBE video of my design process and share my double-page designs to hopefully inspire and help you similarly tell your family’s story if it resonates with you.

I will be making a 30x30cm 170gsm layflat paged photobook with a semi-personalised cover from the na-nu-ja product range. This product starts and ends on single pages and can have up to 200 pages! A lot of my page designs will be based on the Project Life® page layouts and the existing Canva grids – this will save time and allow me to get my stories told quickly and effortlessly.


The Photos

Very excitedly my family was at all different corners of the globe at the start of 2024! I decided to show that with a photo of each of us, with the friends we celebrated Christmas and New Year with. (You’ll see I applied a fade effect to the photos to get design continuity on the page and included the cities and countries we were all in.

The 6×4″

Typically in Project Life® the Intro Page has the year – this year we started on an 18-hour journey from CT to Durban to drive our new second-hand car home and I love the stock photo I found when searching “2024 road” in Canva’s Elements.

The 3×4″s

Because this was the intro page, I wanted to include the text: 12 months | 52 weeks | 366 days onto one of Ali’s 3×4″ “ready” cards and loved the quote “there is so much LIFE to be lived in the “in between” written in her handwriting. I used a “neutral background texture” and copied my “one little word” FOCUS design from my social media post – and added a dictionary definition alongside it. I will be weaving this project into the weekly spreads of my Yearbook as I only plan on printing one book at the end of the year (Not including the Holiday and Family History photobooks I will be working on).

I am pretty happy with the way this turned out and hope you enjoyed the process video. I’d love hear about your projects for the year and hope to chat with you at one of my workshops, working together sessions, or online on one of my social media platforms….

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