2016 Family Photoshoot – Tips for Photoshoots

2016 Family Photoshoot Photobook

We design photobooks for many clients and the photos taken by professional photographers always stand out, screaming to be made full pages or feature very large on the page.

A very popular birthday gift (for an 18th, 21st, 50th, 70th, 90th etc) – is a “Story of my Life” photobook. Images from shoots often make the best cover photos and I love including them. Here are a few tips to make sure that you get the best results from your photoshoot.

Tips for preparing for a Family Photoshoot

  1. Decide what type of shoot you would like – do you want it formal, casual, themed, at a location, at home etc?
  2. Research a photographer – ask friends for recommendations, google or ask on Facebook for local photographers. Once you have a list of a few of them – check out their websites, pricing, style, offering. Then make contact and ask for quotes – be sure to compare apples with apples. I don’t recommend asking for discounts, just find a photographer within your budget.
  3. Pick a meaningful location – somewhere with sentimental value, we enjoy cycling and the outdoors which is why we chose Shongweni for our 2016 photoshoot. I had also seen so many other people choosing this location and I loved their photos. Bear in mind the age of your children, the time of day and the photographer’s familiarity with your chosen spot.
  4. Choosing a date – give yourself enough time to have your hair done, be in the shape you like – but don’t wait for things to be perfect – they never are. I like that when I did this photoshoot I had made the decision to go grey – it helps me remember exactly when that was, and is part of my life.
  5. One of my favourite photographer Jacki Bruniquel also makes sure that her Family photoshoots reflect the personality of the people she is photographing. With that in mind, I knew we had to take a football for my youngest son Jedin – he is NEVER without one. My oldest son Youngwoo just loves cycling and I want to remember him on his bike having a blast. Remember a family are not models so it is crucial that you have fun together and don’t get too stressed.
  6. I had read a lot about co-ordinating wardrobes, making sure everyone’s clothing matches, or is in the same colour range, or that you all wear white shirts and blue jeans. I say just do whatever you want! I prefer people being who they are – so we all wore our favourite clothes. My children always joke that I have at least 15 white dresses so I will inevitably be wearing one of those. Well, they are correct – I think of myself as having a timeless look because I have always liked the same clothes.
  7. Be sure to ask the photographer for the high-resolution copy of the photographs taken. Personally, I don’t want any prints included in my cost, as I love designing my own photobooks and choosing which photos I’d like to print. Understandably the photographer is not making a markup on those items, so may charge a little more for these – absolutely worth it in my books.
  8. Don’t procrastinate – there is no time like the present go ahead and book!

I’d like to say thank you to Sam Swaitek Photography for our shoot. I loved the spots she identified – I was confused when we started walking down a narrow path and had to squeeze through some trees – but the white fence and blurred backgrounds she achieved in that spot are great! I just can’t believe that my children were so small – I now have a six-foot-three sixteen-year-old that towers over me and a nineteen-year-old that drives himself off to gym and works! Stop the clock I want to wind back time….

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