Project Life® 2024 Yearbook with Canva | Week 9


This was one of the toughest weeks this year so far! But life has ups and downs and what I love about weekly designed photobook pages, is that all parts of life are included in my story… My husband and I joke that even when things get tough, we still have the most wonderful weather and from my photos, you can see that the skies are gloriously blue! Living in the moment and looking for positives – thank you for following my weekly journey please hit subscribe to see more pages and be sure to go back to earlier episodes if you’d like more inspiration and how-to videos.


Please take a look at me designing my pages using Canva…

WEEK 9 – PAGE 30

The 3 photos on the left-hand side were made using Elelents|Grids|3 Photos. I love the consistent Week 09 text from Ali Edwards and because this is the first week of a new month, the March text was included.

To include the tough times we experienced this week I used Design|Newspaper – because it was a design I added it to a new page, copied, pasted, and resized it onto page 30. I changed the black title boxes to red by clicking on the box and changing the colour. This makes the titles pop on the page – I added my journalling – resized the text to fit in the boxes and added two photographs – I’m happy with how this page turned out.

WEEK 9 – PAGE 31

This is also a simple page but I love the sky and the promise that the colour blue fills me with. I added a text graphic from Ali Edwards and changed it to a monochromatic colour using Edit Photo|Filter|Mono. I found the Umhlanga Promenade logo on the Internet – I love adding geographic information where possible – it means that some paging through my photobook in the future will know where the stunning photo was taken and hopefully visit the spot.

Lastly, I added text, changed it to white, and rotated it to go around the upper edge of the photo. Be sure to use the two circular arrows that show when you click on the text. the angle must be 90 degrees if you want it to be straight.

I’m looking forward to a better week next week I have to say…

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