Project Life® 2024 Yearbook with Canva | Week 10

Project Life® 2024 Yearbook with Canva | Week 10

“Dogs are not just pets, they are family.”  Sadly this week our little Meeka passed away – just less than two years after her brother Kimchi and we are left with a huge hole in our hearts. I agree with the quote “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”. Our lives changed back in July 2012 when we adopted them from Project Dog and we will forever miss them. Our South Coast Escape was just what the doctor ordered – Sun, sea, surf, yummy breakfast, and the company of my Mom! Kate’s Green Kitchen plant-based cooking demo and feast were brilliant, before ending the week with friends, more swims, and gorgeous Durban weather. My designs this week are simple and photo-heavy – I wonder if this is a style that you like? Let me know in the comments below.


Please take a look at me designing my pages using Canva…

WEEK 19 – PAGE 32

Project Life® 2024 Yearbook with Canva | Week 10

Filled with emotion over losing Meeka this week I kept this page simple. I copied Ali Edward’s Week photo box from a previous page and replaced the photo – by double-clicking on the photo I repositioned it so the dogs were lying below the text.

I added three remaining photos from a branding photoshoot by Tilanie Grote Photography from a few years ago – I will forever be grateful for these gorgeous reminders of my gorgeous Afrikanis first-time pets – little did I know the impact they would have on our family.

WEEK 10 – PAGE 33

Project Life® 2024 Yearbook with Canva | Week 10

I love panoramic shots! I knew I was going to be putting this on top to show the full width of the gorgeous view at Scottburgh beach on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. After counting the photos I wanted to include I looked for Elements|Grid|9 photos and added the photos. The large image boxes I usually reserve for photos with lots of people, or that show location or are well photographed.

The highlight of the weekend was my two sea swims – the swimming text is from Ali Edwards. I chose a wavy text effect provided by Canva’s Text.

Lastly, I searched Elements|Graphics|Food logo and changed the element to white before adding Kate’s Green Kitchen text to the banner – so that I remember who I can call in the future if I want to go to any more plant-based food demos or retreats.

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